The local chapter of Bersaglieri Magenta was founded in 1920 as society of mutual assistance for Bersaglieri and their families, named after Fortunato Magna, a Bersagliere himself from Magenta honored in the First World War; their hangout was in via Garibaldi in the premises made available by Bersagliere Parmigiani, as known as Cichin dal Negar, a wine retailer. Unfortunately, there is no written evidence about this period, but only memories of our older people.

The local chapter was closed during the Second World War; it was started up again, though for a very short period, in the ‘50s.

In 1959 it was founded again at new premises, the "Circulon" boosted by Bersagliere Nino Garavaglia, who organized on 19 April a reveille for the city by the brass band.

In 1959 it was founded again at new premises, the “Circulon”, boosted by Bersagliere Nino Garavaglia, who organized on 19 April a reveille for the city by the brass band. On 7 June 1959, during the celebrations for the hundredth anniversary of the Battle of Magenta, a great gathering was held with 6 brass bands attending.

In 1973, when the local chapter started its activities on a regular basis again, the head office was located in the premises of the Banda Civica.

On 25 September 1983, during the 3rd Interprovincial gathering, a street was named after “Bersaglieri d’Italia”; on 5 June 1984, inside the local cemetery, a funeral monument was dedicated to all Bersaglieri, missing in action or passed away.

In 1994 the local municipality offered the opportunity to manage a public park and use it as headquarters: an old building was thus demolished and Bersaglieri started caring after the park.

In 2000 the building of the new headquarters was started and then inaugurated on 15 September 2002 with a great gathering of Bersaglieri from all over Lombardy.

Nowadays the number of members – Bersaglieri and supporters – of our local chapter is just over 200.

The first brass band was founded in 1984, named after Nino Garavaglia, with 20 players; in 1992 the group was dismissed, because of the lack of players.

In 2003 the brass band Nino Garavaglia has been founded again and it is currently composed of 35 talented players: their skills have been also appreciated abroad during gatherings and performances in Germany, Hungary, France, Ireland and during the Columbus Day parade in New York.

Strongly desired by the unforgotten Bersagliere Pino Mauri, ten or so years ago our “Pattuglia Ciclisti Pino Mauri” (Cyclists’ Patrol) was founded, and it is always clapped for at every gathering: always keeping alive the memory of Captain Natali’s brilliant idea.

On 24 June 2009, at the end of the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the battle of Magenta, a twinning ceremony between the French Foreign Legion and the Bersaglieri was held at the Ossuary, in the presence of the respective Generals and armed units of these two glorious corps, already brothers in arms on 4 June 1859.

The two officers signed a document stating the twinning: our local chapter was honored by the Brigadier General Raffaele De Feo to keep this precious document in its archives.

The Bersaglieri in Magenta have always been involved in various local voluntary activities, for which part of the association’s funds are destined.

Since 2002 they also support activities promoted at national level by Telefono Azzurro.

Our local chapter is also among the founder members of the “Comitato per la Giornata della Memoria” (Committee for the Memorial Day)..