A light touch of my father’s hand warned me: the brass band was going to play “Inno di Mameli”, the Italian anthem. This was enough to soothe my restlessness and curiosity and to snap to attention.
A child among the mass of people, brass bands, notable persons, I was celebrating the 4th of June, the pride and the joy in taking part in a such a special event: the hundredth anniversary of the Battle of Magenta.
In the presence of De Gaulle, Segni, Cardinal Montini and among a sea of feathers in the wind: the gathering of Bersaglieri.
In Magenta, I recall many brass bands and my father standing to attention.
The memories I have of him are not like a symphony harmoniously flowing inside me; they are rather a “rhapsody”, a flashing of events that more than others are fixed in my memory where they stay, sweet or harsh, to warm my heart.
What I deeply and particularly regret of my father is his irony. He could make very important speeches, be very serious, but once in a while, a word, an expression, an inflection came in such a flash that only a very careful listener could get.
very time I think of him I smell the perfume he used to have on his

 handkerchief, I live again the worry for his health: I feel very proud for everything he did for his city, taking part in the political life as town council member, founding the photo club, the beloved Bersaglieri’s local chapter, organizing the hundredth anniversary of the Battle, the gathering of Bersaglieri in Magenta and much other.
I still feel the strong friendship and esteem of the many who had the chance to get to know him, who still regret the experiences they shared. I know I was given a very special father as a gift and I miss him every day.
I’m therefore sending to all my dear friends of the “Nino Garavaglia” band my gratitude, because with you, Nino, my father, still travels, listens, shares your dedication, cheers up with your feathers in the wind and with the very special music that only Bersaglieri can play.
So that history can go on. Thanks

Mavi Garavaglia